Athletic Director : Joel Babinec
Phone : (608) 783-5435 Ext. 1645
Fax : (608) 783-4758
Email :

1501 Wilson St
Onalaska, WI 54650-3142
  July, 2018
9:00am-11:00am Tennis Contact Day (H) @ Parkridge Courts
  August, 2018
8:00am-11:00am TN-p (H) @ Multiple locations 8:00am-10:45am TN-p (H) @ Parkridge Courts 8:00am-11:00am TN-p (H) @ Multiple locations 8:00am-10:00am TN-p (H) @ Parkridge Courts 9:00am Tennis-G/Varsity (A) Aquinas
9:00am Tennis-G/Varsity (A) Appleton West 9:00am Tennis-G/Varsity (A) Appleton West 8:00am-10:00am Tennis - JV Practice (H) @ Parkridge Courts 8:00am-10:00am TN-p (H) @ Parkridge Courts 1:00pm Tennis-G/JV (H) Eau Claire North
1:00pm Tennis-G/Varsity (H) Eau Claire North
4:00pm Tennis-G/JV (H) Menomonie
4:00pm Tennis-G/Varsity (H) Menomonie
9:00am Tennis-G/Varsity (H) Portage
9:00am Tennis-G/JV (H) Portage
12:00pm Tennis-G/JV (H) Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln
12:00pm Tennis-G/Varsity (H) Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln
3:00pm Tennis-G/Varsity (H) Winona Senior
3:00pm Tennis-G/JV (H) Winona Senior
TN-p- ( H)  (Cancelled) @ Parkridge Courts 4:00pm Tennis-G/JV (H) Tomah
4:00pm Tennis-G/Varsity (H) Tomah
3:10pm-5:00pm TN-p (H) @ Parkridge Courts 3:25pm-5:00pm Tennis - Varsity Practice (H) @ Parkridge Courts
4:00pm Tennis-G/JV (A) Onalaska
3:25pm-4:15pm TN-p (H) @ Parkridge Courts
3:10pm-5:25pm Tennis - Varsity Practice (H) @ Parkridge Courts
4:00pm Tennis-G/JV (A) Central
3:25pm-4:15pm TN-p (H) 3:10pm-5:00pm TN-p (H) @ Parkridge Courts 4:00pm Tennis-G/Varsity (H) West Salem 3:25pm-5:00pm TN-p (H) @ Parkridge Courts
  September, 2018
Tennis-Varsity ( A) Rescheduled to 09-07-18 3:10pm-5:00pm TN-p (H) 3:25pm-5:25pm TN-p (H) 4:00pm Tennis-G/Varsity (A)  (Rescheduled from 09-04-18) Black River Falls
4:00pm Tennis-G/JV (A) Logan
9:00am Tennis-G/Varsity (A) Lodi
4:00pm Tennis-G/Varsity (A) Onalaska 4:00pm Tennis-G/Varsity (H) Viroqua 3:25pm-5:00pm TN-p (H) 4:30pm Tennis-G/JV (A) Cotter Schools
4:30pm Tennis-G/Varsity (A) Cotter Schools
3:25pm-5:00pm TN-p (H)
3:25pm-5:00pm TN-p (H) Tennis-Varsity ( A) Rescheduled to 09-21-18 3:25pm-5:00pm TN-p (H) 4:00pm Tennis-G/Varsity (H) Holmen
4:00pm Tennis-G/JV (A) Holmen
3:25pm-4:30pm TN-p (H)
Tennis-Varsity ( A) Rescheduled to 09-25-18
9:00am Tennis-G/Varsity (A)  (Location Changed) West Salem vs. Multiple Schools
4:00pm Tennis-G/JV (H) West Salem
4:00pm Tennis-G/Varsity (H) Altoona
Tennis-JV ( H)  (Cancelled)
4:00pm Tennis-G/Varsity (A)  (Rescheduled from 09-21-18) Mauston
3:25pm-5:00pm TN-p (H) 3:25pm-5:00pm TN-p (H) 3:25pm-5:00pm TN-p (H)
  October, 2018
Tennis-Varsity ( A)  (Date changed to 10-02-18)
3:25pm-4:15pm TN-p (H)
9:30am Tennis-G/Varsity (A)  (Date changed from 10-01-18) Regis Tennis-Varsity ( A)  (Date changed to 10-04-18)
3:25pm-5:00pm Tennis - Varsity Practice (H)
9:30am Tennis-G/Varsity (A)  (Date changed from 10-03-18) Altoona
6:00pm-7:30pm Tennis - Varsity Practice (H) TBD Tennis-G/Varsity (A) TBD vs. TBD TBD Tennis-G/Varsity (A) TBD vs. TBD TBD Tennis-G/Varsity (A) TBD vs. TBD